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Harrow Chinese School celebrated Chinese New Year last Saturday with performances, games and food stalls.  The event is very successful as HCS opened their celebration events to the public. 

Performances included: singing and poem readings by their younger students; Tai Chi Fan and Tai Chi Sword demonstration by Master Wing Leung and his apprentices; Chinese Ribbon Dance and Peacock Dance by the school’s Chinese Dance Class.  The performance programme was hosted by several upper class students and was proven to be a success.

“We have always wanted to celebrate Chinese New Year with the extended community.  We are very pleased to see so many families who came and join us last Saturday.  All our students and teachers worked very hard on their performances, and we are particularly proud of the student MCs, who helped hosting the programme.  This is the first time we introduced student MCs, as we really want to encourage our students to use what they’ve learnt, and they have done a fantastic job.  No doubt we will handover the entire programme to a host of student MCs in the coming years.”

The annual celebration and fund raising event completed with game stalls, food, arts and craft stalls and a prize draw, which is sponsored by various corporations in UK.  All children also received a red envelope which is a traditional blessing for Chinese New Year. 

學生、家長和來賓歡聚一堂   As students, parents
舞蹈班演出一片喜氣洋溢的絲帶舞「喜慶吉祥」 "Burning Sun"
梁永忻師傅與弟子演出的太極扇  Tai Chi Fan
舞蹈班優雅的孔雀舞「雀之靈」 Peacock Dance
梁永忻師傅與弟子演出瀟灑的太極劍 Tai Chi Sword
攤位遊戲最吸引小朋友。 Game Stalls temptation
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