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筆順 - 簡易筆順示範網頁   Stroke order useful link

黃橋中文中心網頁上,有非常之簡單易用的筆順示範。還有單字、或詞語解䆁。適合同學,家長及老師作參考之用。 請點擊以下連線

There is a very simple and easy to use tool on which shows the correct writing stroke.  A fantastic tool for students, teachers and parents.  Please click the link below or the picture on the left.


Chinese Books (Traditional Characters) Free Download


"Haodoo" is a website providing Chinese fiction books for free download! It has a vast collection from best selling authors throughout many decades. They provide a few download versions which are tailor for most tablets and eBook such as Kindle, iPad and also for computer. Those who loves to read will find this website exceptionally satisfying.

iPad/iPhone小學練字簿及筆順練習   Words Learning Exercise for iPad/iPhone


From iPad store, these Apps are Chinese characters writing exercise beginning from Preschool, primary 1 to primary 6 (according to Hong Kong primary school standard).  Please note that these Apps are not free, each App for each class cost £4.99, teaching about 500 words in one App.  The Apps are written by professors from Hong Kong University, each word can only be completed using the correct stroke.  It also gives you pronunciation in Cantonese and Mandarin, word combination and description.  They are quite expensive Apps but in some cases can bring a student's interest in writing Chinese characters in the correct stroke.

請到Apple App Store 搜尋「中文練字簿」

筆順學習網  Stroke Order Learning Site



Stroke Order Learning Program is run by Ministry of Education, Taiwan.  You can use it with English and contain stroke order, radicals search etc.  You can even download a pdf exercise page with correct stroke and print it out to use, which is a very useful feature.  Please click on the link below to browse:

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