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校外資訊 Other Activities

香港兒童合唱團  Hong Kong Children's Choir


Hong Kong Children's Choir is performing in the UK in July this year.  Please see details below or visit website:


地點:St Johns' Smith Square, London, SW1P 3HA

時間:7:30 PM,31 July 2013

票價:5 GBP each


Chinatown Arts Space ( 及 Jane Anderson CDG ( 現正為CBBC的一套喜劇尋找合適的女性華裔小演員作主要角色之一。沒有演出經驗的小演員亦可。首輪試鏡將於下星期四、五(6月27及28日)放學後時間及星期六(6月29日)於倫敦舉行。

有興趣的女孩子,請將姓名、年齡、高度、任何演出經驗(如有)並小照片一張(須看到頭臉及肩膀)電郵至Jane Anderson:


Chinatown Arts Space and Jane Anderson CDG are now casting for a new comedy series for CBBC, they are open to meet girls with Chinese origin, with or without acting experience.  The first round of meetings are held after school next Thursday 27th & Friday 28th as well as all day on Saturday 29th June in Central London venues.Any interested actresses should send a small photo (head and shoulders), their age, height and list any experience (if any) on stage or on screen to this email address:


Here is the character breakdown please read:


Ashley Wong (Female)


Needs to have a neutral accent. Not too modern urban. Ashley has grown up in London. If needs be we will also be meeting actors from elsewhere in the UK, as long as their accent isn't too distinct.  Ashley has two doctors as parents and is very focussed on becoming a surgeon herself. She’s high achieving at school (she’s going to have to be if she’s going to be a surgeon) and high energy and so always packs her day with lots of stuff, whether it’s school work or extra curricular activities.Because she’s used to hearing medical tales over the dinner table, she has a very no-nonsense attitude towards injury and death, and is a walking statistic book when it comes to injury rates for every imaginable type of injury. She may well make Hank aware of the statistical chance of him electrocuting himself as a result of his latest scheme, but she certainly wouldn’t dissuade him from it. Indeed the chance that she might get to practice her medical skills on any resulting injury is quite a plus for her. Most likely to be found: saying, “Do you know how many people injure themselves with garden gnomes each year? …”

Playing age 12

Appearance Chinese

夏令營 UKACPE Summer Camp


A Summer Camp hosted by UKACPE, please click below link for details:


UKACPE Writing Competition

UKACPE Writing Competition 2013 is now open for entry.  Please click on the link below for information.

UKAPCE Writing Competition Information

Jan 2013

Yellow Earth Theatre       Why The Lion Dance

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Yellow Earth's delightful children's theatre show Why The Lion Danced


Deep in the mountains of ancient China, every thirteenth moon the dreaded monster Nian pays a visit to the village. The villagers must protect themselves but which animal can save them?  Come and help them scare the monster away. Join young Tom and his family as they prepare for New Year's Eve and discover the story behind the Lion Dance.


All the excitement, colour and sounds of the Chinese New Year are brought to you in this inventive production featuring live music, song and dance by this award winning theatre company.

Suitable for all the family and especially for children 4+.

The show is touring across the UK January to March.

Jan 2013


UKFCS Story Telling Competition



UKFCS 2013 Story Telling Competition is now open for entry.  Please click on the link below for full information.


Jan 2013

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